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A Message From the NHPPA President

Hi Everyone, this is my first President’s message, and I’ve got to tell you - I am VERY excited to be leading the NHPPA board through the remainder of this year and into 2020!

First, I’d like to thank outgoing President Jim Carlen for sharing his insight and experience with me, so that I can do my best for the Association and have as smooth a transition as possible. Thank you, Jim, for your leadership this past year!

I also want to thank the 2018-19 Board of Directors for believing in me and allowing me to step up to First Vice President after only having been a Director for a short time; I promise I will work hard for you and for the Association through this coming year and beyond. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Many thanks to Madonna Lovett Repeta and ALL of the board members, committee members, and association members that helped to make this year’s Conference one to remember! All of our numbers were up, the image competition was very successful, as was the auction, run by Candace Pratt Stietler and Fred Stietler and there was a new level of energy present that added so much to the atmosphere! Congratulations to everyone that scored ribbons and awards at image competition, and thank you to Allison McGrail and John Malboeuf for all of your hard work as Image Competition Co-Chairs! There were so many wonderful images - there is so much true talent among NHPPA members! Thank you to Claire Lemire and her crew for an outstanding job with hospitality; you kept us well fed and happy! And of course, thank you to everyone who attended conference; I hope you’ll attend again next year!

In my speech at Conference, I had said that any association is only as good as its mission, its members, and the members of its board. I truly feel that the New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association excels because of the level of quality and dedication we have with all three. I am proud to be a part of the NHPPA, and my main goal for the upcoming year of my presidency is to encourage everyone to strive to bring in new members, and to create awareness that hands-on, in-person learning is STILL the best, most rewarding, and most fun way to learn about photography, no matter what genre you specialize in, and no matter if you do photography as a profession or as an enthusiast.

At-home, online learning will never replace the quality of experience you get from physically being among those who share your passion for photography. If I can ask one thing of our members this year, it’s to try and attend as many monthly meetings and educational programs as possible; even if the monthly speaker’s topic isn’t your thing, come to the meeting for the social time before dinner - so many amazing friendships have been formed from this! And so much good information is exchanged at that time!

Get ready this year and next for more hands-on speaker meetings and programs - the board has heard you, and we know you want more “doing” versus “speaking” and we are ready to deliver!

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you at the June meeting, which is Jay Philbrick’s program, “Photography on the Edge.” If you’ve seen Jay’s work, you’ll know that “edge” is meant literally (cliffside)!

See you soon!

Your President,
Tanya Hervey, A.C.Ph.

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