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NHPPA 2022 Photographer of The Year

2022 Photographer of the year?  Wow what an honor to be named a photographer of the year among the most talented artist winners before me.  Thank you NHPPA! 

My experiences as an NHPPA member over the past 10 years has been the driving force in my career. This, combined with my studies with some of the top photographic artists in the industry, has enabled me to continue to advance my knowledge and develop my art and style to where it is today. This has been instrumental in the creation of my images for my clients and for competition as well.

Image competition has always been very important for me, although at first, I found it a bit difficult. Because I have always been willing to learn and understand what the judges are looking for, things have gotten easier for me year after year. I realize now that image competition is not about winning, it's about learning. Being open minded to this process earned me my Master Photography degree from PPA in 2017. Being willing to give back and help teach others has earned me my Craftsman degree in 2019.  It has helped me in my business and my clients benefit as I have been able to improve my work and bring it to the next level.  

My goal this year to earn my Master Artist degree by the end of 2022. My advice to anyone who enters is to watch competition and listen to the judges' feedback. It is an education in itself and will only help you improve if you're open to it. 

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