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PAINTING IN PHOTOSHOP is an alternative for creating beautiful art pieces rather than attempt-
ing to learn a new program. Photoshop is where many photographers feel most comfortable and are familiar with the tools, drastically decreasing the learning curve.    The difference between traditional art and digital art is vast and varied. There is one common link, the knowledge and skill needed to create true art, regardless of the medium.  Not only does Sandra have a working knowledge of traditional and computer based art, she has experience teaching each form as well.  Since photographers already feel comfortable with the tools used in Photoshop, they can concentrate on the techniques of painting rather than learning a new program.  With so many teachers in the photography world, we all need a good reason to take a class that will help our business grow and prosper. Sandra is one of only a handful of digital artists who are using only Photoshop to create masterpieces. She teaches how to use all the tools that Adobe gave you in Photoshop to be used for painting. She will teach you how the mixer brush works to create and blend backgrounds. Sandra teaches how to take your images to the next  level. Please join Sandra for fun, while exploring your inner creativity and learn to paint during the journey.

About SANDRA PEARCE, she is one of the most sought out digital artists in the photographic industry today. She is a Master Artist, Master Photographer, and Craftsman. She is an Image Excellence and Image Excellence Bar Recipient. Sandra has had the opportunity to speak to thousands of professional photographers across the country from guild level programs to state and national conventions. Her experience in digital imaging has set her apart in competition and she has been awarded Artist of the Year by the Florida Professional Photographers numerous years, Canon Par Excellence 2015, Kodak Awards, Fuji Awards and other awards through the years. Sandra has been in the top ten for GIA awards since its inception in 2010. Sandra won the GIA Award for 1st place in the Art Category in 2016 and 2010 at the Imaging Awards. She won 2nd place in 2011 and 2010, and 3rd place in 2012.

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